About Us

The Dhaka Residential Model College (DRMC as its acronym) is an abode of academic excellence offering a congenial educational environment where the young learners not only study properly but also learn good manners and etiquettes to become good human beings with refined tastes. Spreading over 52 acres of land in its present premises of Mohammadpur, this unique institution came into being in the year 1960 with the name of Dhaka Residential Model School as modelled on the famous public school of England, particularly similar to Eton College in order to provide education for the children of the army officers. Though the college wing had been launched in 1967, the institution was renamed as Dhaka Residential Model College much later in 1984.

The Education Minister of the erstwhile government of Pakistan, Mr. Habibur Rahman, inaugurated the official functions of the school on 6 May, 1960. Initially, the authority of running the school was vested on the then Central Government of Pakistan. Later in 1962, the Central Government handed over the responsibility of the school to the Provincial Government of East Pakistan. In the year 1965, a high-powered governing body was formed with the appointment of the Chief Secretary of the Provincial Government as Chairman and the governing body was entrusted with the authority to run the school.

In June 1966, the Central Government having assumed the control of the institution once again, the autonomous status of Dhaka Residential Model College was held intact. Until 1966, students from 1st to 10th grade studied at this school. On September 09, 1969 the institution was upgraded to the higher secondary level.

East Pakistan having been liberated as independent Bangladesh, the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, as part of his noble initiative to accelerate the overall development of education in the country, in 1972, entrusted the Ministry of Education with the task of overseeing Dhaka Residential Model College as its the Controlling Authority, while allowing the college to retain its status as an autonomous academic institution. This time, a powerful governing body comprising 10 members was formed with the appointment of the Education Secretary, ex-officio, as the Chairman of the Board of Governors. The formation of the 10-member Board of Governors of DRMC is as follow:

* Chairman: The Secretary, Secondary & Higher Education Division, Ministry of Education, the Government of the People’s  Republic of Bangladesh.

* Member:  Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary (Admin), Ministry of Public Administration, the Government of the People’s  Republic of Bangladesh.     

* Member: Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary, Finance Division, Ministry of Finance, the  Government  of the People’s  Republic of Bangladesh.

* Member: The Director General, Department of Secondary & Higher Education

* Member: The Chairman, Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Dhaka

* Member: Two selected members from guardians one from the Morning Shift and the other from the Day  Shift

* Member: Two elected members from teachers as Teachers' Representatives (TRs), one representing the Morning Shift and the other, the Day Shift.

* Member-Secretary: The Principal, Dhaka Residential Model College 

The highly influential Board of Governors has been involved in guiding the management of the institution. As per the Education Expansion Policy of the Government of Bangladesh, DRMC launched the second shift (Day Shift) on March 31, 1993 to commence its activities after the morning shift. At present, all teachers and staff belong to one institution – Dhaka Residential Model College where both shifts operate activities with systematic coordination. The institution is headed by the Principal. There are six Vice-Principals to assist the Principal in all academic and administrative affairs of the college.

According to the ‘Dhaka Residential Model College Operating Instructions -2022’ , the number of teachers is 235 including the Principal and that of officers including staff is 268.Our institution boasts of a bunch of teachers who are highly qualified in their respective fields and also competent enough to teach students at every level. The officers and staff are also skilled enough to handle their respective jobs  well.

Dhaka Residential Model College sets its vision as ‘Strive for Excellence’ with the motto propagating an array of values as ‘Education, Discipline, Character, Service and Patriotism’. Keeping all these in aim, the academic and co-curricular activities of the college are conducted to bloom out the potentials of the students towards making them truly worthy citizens of the country.

The school offers education for students ranging from third grade through the twelfth grade. Apart from the primary and lower secondary levels, SSC and HSC courses are also conducted on Humanities, Science, and Business Studies. In this college, students study as per National Curriculum pursuing Bengali and English versions. The total number of students in both shifts now stands around 5550. From the third grade to eighth grade each section has around 45 students while from the ninth grade onward twelfth grade, each section holds 55 to 65 students.

Among the huge infrastructural facilities, a good number of spacious classrooms are there at three academic buildings. These classrooms are equipped with projectors with sound systems and white boards. Arrangements for fixing smart-boards in all classes are underway. There are laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, ICT, Biology, Mathematics and Geography and a library with more than 20,000 books, journals, newspapers and magazines. All these modern amenities help the students to receive qualitative education.

The college has six dormitories known as ‘Houses’. Two of the houses accommodate the students in the third through the eighth grade, and the other four houses are for the students in the ninth onward twelfth grade. Every house has a common room, an office room, a dining hall, a small library, a kitchen, a garden and a prayer room. The common room is used for watching television and for parents’ gatherings on weekends. Some indoor games such as table tennis and chess are also played in these rooms. In order to bolster the spirit of excellence among the students, many inter-house competitions are arranged as per specific schedules, mostly in the areas of sports and culture. Moreover, there is another house which does not have an accommodation for the students but only serves as a platform for the Day Shift non-resident students studying up to class eight. Under the umbrella of this house named 'Jasimuddin House', students, like other houses, participate in various extra-curricular activities.

Each house is supervised by a Housemaster along with a House-Tutor, selected from among the senior members of the teaching staff. Each house also has a House Prefect and a House Elder, who are chosen from among the students of the senior most classes. Besides, in each house there are a matron and a steward looking after the little boys and helping them in all matters including health and hygiene related needs. The Housemasters, House-Tutors and Prefects make different House announcements concerning daily/weekly work schedule, important notices, and discipline-related matters. Every evening, a Night Prep during which the House-boys study or prepare their school works is held for about two and a half hours at the academic buildings under the direct supervision of the teachers. The Principal, Vice-Principals and House-Patrons occasionally visit the houses as well as the night-prep classes to see that things are properly in place. The responsibility of the House Patrons is vested on the Vice-Principals and the Teachers’ Representatives.

DRMC has dormitories for teachers and staff. But in the present context, the arrangements are not sufficient to accommodate all. The large, air-conditioned College Central Mosque for the Muslim students allow them to say everyday prayers. Swaraswati Puja is solemnized on the campus every year for the Hindu students. There are also other religious observances on the campus round the year.

The huge campus of DRMC is adorned with a good number of large fields where the students can enjoy playing cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton etc. The Department of Physical Education provides them with necessary sports materials.

In addition to sports, the college also has 19 clubs for boosting up the young learners' science, aesthetic and culture related aptitudes. Students participate in different programmes and contests like debating contests, competitions on art , music, sports and athletics, essay writing, performing arts, quizzes, science fairs, Olympiads on Math, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy and other extracurricular activities at both national and international levels and win prizes every year. Not only this, they also host a good number of festivals on the college campus thereby get ample opportunities to exercise their creative as well as leadership abilities and other potentials. The tittles  of the clubs are as follows:

Adventure & Tour Club Games and Sports Club Model UN Club Science Club
Art Club Music & Cultural Club Social Service Club Islamic Cultural Club
Nature & Earth Club Business and Career Club Language Club IT Club
Photography Club Debating Club Youth Club Math Club
Red Crescent Youth BNCC Scout

In recognition of its excellence in academic and co-curricular activities, Dhaka Residential Model College was awarded “The Best Educational Institution (College)” by the Ministry of Education in the National Education Weeks in 2022 and 2023 successively. The college also grabbed  “Sheikh Rasel Gold Medal-2022” on the Digital School Category. It is again worth mentioning that the College won the highly prestigious Zayed Sustainability Prize-2023 in the Global High School category in South Asia as declared in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates on 16 January 2023 for carrying out a research on introducing natural and microbial composts to sustainably boost up agricultural production.

Braving the gnaw of the pandemic in the year 2020, a lot of development initiatives were implemented for retaining quality performance in the academic as well as extracurricular activities and also for carrying out wide renovation with physical infrastructural developments and other facilities.

Although Dhaka Residential Model College operates from the 3rd through the 12th grade, it only enrolls students into the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 11th grades. Admissions in the 3rd, 6th and 9th grades are based on admission tests/lotteries. At the admission tests, candidates have to go through highly competitive rigorous tests. Students in these grades are admitted through written tests/lotteries followed by the viva voces. Students passing the written tests/lotteries have to qualify in the viva exams. In addition to written tests/lotteries and viva tests, the examinees have to undergo medical examinations as well. Admission to the 11th grade is determined by a student's grade point average (GPA) in the SSC examination. 

Dhaka Residential Model College has produced many notable alumni including leaders in business, the military and in national politics, senior government officials, scientists and engineers. The followings are some of the remarkable personalities our college prides on :

* Sheikh Jamal, second son of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and brother of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. As a brave freedom fighter, Sheikh Jamal fought for Bangladesh in its war of independence against Pakistan.

* Nizamuddin Azad, Freedom Fighter, martyred in the War of Liberation.

* Nasrul Hamid Bipu, MP, Honourable State Minister, Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources, the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

* A K M Enamul Haque Shamim, MP, Honourable State Minister, Ministry of Water Resources

* Bodruddoza MD. Farhad Hossen Songram, MP

* Ahsanul Islam Titu, MP

* Shahiduzzaman Sarkar Bablu, MP

* Kabir Bin Anwar, Former Cabinet Secretary, Bangladesh Secretariate.

* Lieutenant General MD. Akbar Hossain, Commandant, National Defense College.

* Faruque Hassan, President, BGMEA

* Abdun Noor Tushar, media personality, TV presenter and president of the Bangladesh Debate Federation.

* Mohamed Mijarul Quayes, Former Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh.

* Dr. Nizamuddin Ahmed, noted architect and Former President of ORWA.

* Dr. M.M. Azizur Rahman, noted educationist, Professor of Electrical Engineering in the USA.

* Shafique Alam Mehdi, Former Secretary of Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation.

* Leepu  Nizamuddin Awlia, a renowned automotive engineer, designer and coachbuilder.

The current and the former students of Dhaka Residential Model College are called REMIANS. The Old Remains have an organization called 'Old Remains Welfare Association’ (ORWA). During the War of Liberation many students and teachers joined the war and some of them were even martyred.

The salaries of the teachers and staff are generally defined as per our national pay scale applicable for teachers and others. As per requirements of the college,  teachers attend trainings conducted by NAEM and other institutions affiliated by the government. In addition, other relevant facilities are also available for the teachers and the staff as well. 

        The college recruitment policy is determined by the set rules of the government and the ‘Dhaka Residential Model College Operating Instructions -2022’. When any posts fall vacant, proper procedures are followed to fill up the vacancy.

With these modern educational amenities, sound academic as well as administrative atmosphere and a bunch of committed teachers, Dhaka Residential Model College will continue to hold the leading position in the field of education not only in our country but also in the international arena.