IT Club

The DRMC IT Club


Deep within the confines of Dhaka Residential Model College, Bangladesh, lies the DRMC IT Club, a haven for the brightest young minds with a passion for technology and innovation. Founded in 2017 by driven students, this club is a platform for members to unleash their creativity and delve into the endless possibilities of the tech world. With a mission to inspire and motivate, the DRMC IT Club empowers its members to push boundaries and explore the ever-evolving landscape of the digital realm.

Chief Club Coordinator, Moderator, and Member Secretary:

At the helm of this organisation is the brilliant Mohammad Nurun Nabi, Associate Professor and Chief Club Coordinator. Assisting him in guiding the club's activities are the ever-insightful Rasel Ahmed and Md. Asique Iqbal, both esteemed Lecturers serving as Moderator and Member Secretary, respectively.


The DRMC IT Club aims to achieve the following objectives:

·        Foster a community of individuals passionate about technology and innovation

·        Encourage creativity and exploration of new ideas

·        Develop technical skills and knowledge

·        Provide opportunities for personal and professional growth

·        Encourage teamwork and collaboration


The DRMC IT Club regularly organises a range of activities to engage its members, including:

·        Workshops on coding, web development, and other technical skills

·        Tech talks and seminars by industry experts

·        Hackathons and coding competitions

·        Project showcases and exhibitions

·        Social events to encourage networking and collaboration

National Festival:

The DRMC IT CLUB hosted a great tech fest from March 18-20, 2022. They celebrated innovation and technology, bringing together pros, enthusiasts, and students to explore the latest advancements in the tech industry. Not only exhibits, but there were also workshops and seminars on AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, and more, led by experts to teach people valuable insights and knowledge. It was not just a tech show, but an enjoyable carnival with food stalls and other activities for all ages. With Cosplay, Project Display, Digital Art Display, Gaming Contest, Robotics, Programming, Olympiad and Quiz, the fest was a hit, and attendees got a unique chance to learn, network, and have fun.

Our Achievements:

The DRMC IT Club has received several awards and recognition for its achievements in various competitions and events. Notable achievements include winning the Innovative Teaching and Learning Expo, Esonance 2017, Inclusive University Challenge, and Josephites Technovation 2017, among others.

Until The Eu App:

Two of the club's members, Mahir Daiyan Safwan and Muhtasim Mahim, developed an app called "Until The Eu", which won the 1st prize in the 12th e-Icon World Contest held in South Korea in 2022. The app aims to help students recognize their stress levels and provide personalised solutions to manage stress effectively.


The DRMC IT Club has created a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts, fostering a passion for technology and innovation among its members. With its excellent leadership and dedicated members, the club has achieved significant success and is set to inspire and nurture future generations of tech-savvy students.