Photography Club

The DRMC Photography Club


The DRMC Photography Club is a prestigious and prosperous club at DRMC that has become a significant outlet for creativity for students all over the country since its birth in 2014. The club's dedicated executives, panel members, and volunteers have shown excellent dedication, helping to expose photography and amuse the world with the innovative talents of both pro and newbie photographers from their college.


The Chief Club Coordinator of the DRMC Photography Club is Mohammad NurunNabi, an Associate Professor, and Khandker Azimul Haque, a Lecturer, serves as a Moderator.


The DRMC Photography Club aims to achieve the following objectives:

• To create a photography-minded environment for participants to blend in and learn about the world of photography actively.

• To provide opportunities for recognition and awards to inspire members.

• To raise members' photography skills through meetings, workshops, and fests.

• To encourage leadership among members.


The DRMC Photography Club engages in the following activities:

• Covering college events and programs through photography and promoting them on their communication media.

• Recording club meetings, workshops, and fests through photography.

• Being active during emergencies that require photography.

• Producing promo materials for the club or upcoming events through cinematography and graphics.

• Conducting weekly club meetings, monthly workshops, and yearly fests to teach members the skills and responsibilities of professional photographers.

• Appointing a captain among members weekly to encourage leadership.


National Festival:

The DRMC Photography Club's National Photography Fest is a mandatory part of their yearly goals. The club strives to hold the "DRMC Photography Club presents DRMC National Photography Fest" under the permission of their respected authorities and moderators. The club promotes the fest through social media and other channels to reach thousands of students, photographers, sectoral specialists, and relevant stakeholders.



The DRMC Photography Club provides a platform for future generation photographers to explore and showcase their talents. The club's goal is to organize national events, establish a network between professional and amateur photographers, and enhance and develop students' photography skills. The DRMC Photography Fest offers a unique opportunity for photographers to be part of the most fascinating festival of Dhaka Residential Model College and exhibit their work in a group exhibition. The club provides leadership opportunities and inspires future photographic projects.