Music & Cultural Club



Dhaka Residential Model College is one of the most renowned institutions in the education sector of Bangladesh. The institution has been known for its infancy because of the astonishing achievements throughout the time. The main goal of the institution is to develop the physical, mental and moral aspects of the students through the means of extracurricular activities.

The clubs of the college have always enhanced the reputation of the institution to a great extent and achieved a lot throughout the years. Currently there are a total of 14 clubs in this institution who cover a wide range of social, national and international topics and interests. Remians Music Club is one of the noteworthy clubs among them.

Club Description and History

Remians Music Club represents the musical bonanza and cultural richness of Dhaka Residential Model College, which has a long legacy for setting a standard and a benchmark for leading and organizing the musical and cultural activities.

The Club was born in the year of 2016, when a group of young aspiring individuals were committed to establish a club which would solely work on musical activities. After starting from that small initiative, the club has been already established as one of the most renowned and active music based youth organization.


Our Motto

On the new year of 2021,the club introduced their new motto ‘Renaissance De La Musique’ ,which is a French phrase and translates to ‘The Rebirth of Music’ .The phrase signifies the restart of our journey with new faces and the ambition to set the standard of the club even higher. The usage of the French language is inspired from ‘Fete De La Musique’, which is an annual celebration of music that started in France and is now celebrated as the World Music Day.


Executive Panel

Remians Music Club is organized by a group of enthusiastic senior students, who are monitored

teachers with firsthand experience about music and organizing programs that will help the youth  community of the college.

The executive panel of Remians Music Club is given below-


Club Moderator- Bornali Ghosh

Club Co-Moderator- Ariful Haque Rubel

President- Anirban Ghosh Shonkho

Vice President- Afif Abd Choudhury Bhromor

General Secretary- S.M. Shafkat Rahman

Joint Secretary- Sharzin Sharif

Organizing Secretary- Sium Ahmed

Office Secretary- Md. Shohiduzzaman Biswas

Olympiad Secretary- Khondakar Mehrab Anwar

Publication Secretary- Md. Kaif Afran Khan

Media Secretary- Kowshish Ahmed Ankon

Treasurer- Kazi Jamil Jetu

Assistant Organizing Secretary- Joytu Karmoker

Assistant Office Secretary- Arunamoy Aronno

Assistant Publication Secretary- Kaif Abrar Shirshow

Assistant Media Secretary- Soumitro Utso


The Objectives

-To provide proper incentive and inspiration for the young music enthusiasts to pursue music as a passion and a career

-To provide specialized guidance to students based on their characteristics and technical problems related to music and other cultural activities

-To provide opportunities by bringing other institutions and organizations to collaborate and help the students as well as the interested members of the institutions and organizations

-To organize regular workshops in order to teach the younger students about the basic of musical theory and history

-To organize a national music fest every year to provide a platform for the students to perform

-To provide opportunity for the development of the management skills and leadership qualities of the students.


The workshops are arranged by the executive panel, where the learners can seek help from the senior students and alumni members who have been successful in the musical industry. Until now, Remians Music Club has successfully organized 100+ workshops, which include:

-general workshops

-instrument based workshops

-vocal workshops

-expert sessions

and many more. During normal circumstances, the workshops are held in college premises where the students are the most comfortable to culture their inner genius. However, during the pandemic, the physical workshops were not possible. As a result of the situation, Remians Music Club arranged some online sessions to keep the young music enthusiasts active and cheerful.


Remians Music Club has a reputation for organizing nation-wide festivals where thousands of young music enthusiasts enjoy and perform various kinds of art forms. A festival gives them a platform to flourish their inner creativity and gives them confirdence to practice their respective art forms even more.Here are some of the details of our previous National Festivals-

DRMC National Art and Music Festival 2017

The first National Festival of Remians Music Club took place from 2nd to 4th February 2017.The title sponsor of the event was Ena Group and other notable sponsors and partners were Somoy TV, Radio71 (98.4),The Daily Star, Bangla Tribune and many more. Thousands of Visitors and Participants joined us to enjoy the festival. The famous folk band ‘Joler Gaan’ entertained us through their music.

DRMC National Art and Music Festival 2018


The second National Festival of Remians Music Club took place from 3rd to 4th February 2018.This time,we got great support from the community as their were 10 thousand + visitiors and participants in the event.The title sponsor of the event was Nilsagor Group and the co-sponsor was Prothom Alo.The chief guest of the event was the prominent writer and Chief Editor of Prothom Alo Anisul Haque.

DRMC National Art and Music Festival 2019 

Our third festival took place from 3rd to 5th February 2019.This time , the arrangements were bigger and better as we had Prothom Alo as the title sponsor and Channel I, First Security Islami Bank as our Co-sponsors. The Radio Partner for the event was Dhaka FM (90.4).The guests for the event were Syed Hasan Imam & Laila Hasan. The Famous Band ‘Shohortoli’ performed for us in the event.


Other Events

Apart from arranging festivals, we also organize other notable programs to inspire the young generation to culture the love for music. Some of our recent events include-

Springtime Melodies 2020

Springtime Melodies was an initiative to engage the students with famous musicians and personalities from the industries where they can share their experience and provide important guidance to them. The event was held on 22nd February 2020.The list of prominent musicians included Tanjib Ur Rashid Adib,Shomonnoy Sami and Dibbo Nasser. The famous band Blub Jeans performed for us in the event.


DRMC VIrtual National Hamd Na’at Competition 2021 

During the month of holy Ramadan, Remians Music Club organized a Nationwide Virtual Hamd Na’at Competiton from 29th April to 5th May 2021.The goal of this event was to create enthusiasm among the students about the art form which praises the Almighty and can make a positive moral impact on them.We reached out to 100+ institutions from Dhaka and other districts. The minister of education of Bangladesh, Dr. Dipu Moni MP was the chief guest of the competition.