Lalon Shah House


Lalon Shah House

“It's he whose own matter doesn't belong to his own.

Once one can recognize one's own self, can recognize the unknown.”

                                                                         -Fakir Lalon Shah

Lalon Shah House is one of the six spectacular residential houses of Dhaka Residential Model College. From the founding of the college in 1960 to 1976, the building of this house was used as the ‘medical center’ of the college. In 1977, it started its journey as a residential dormitory. Although it was initially known as 'House No. 3', on September 10, 1978, the then Principal, late Colonel Ziauddin Ahmed, renamed the house as 'Lalon Shah House' after the name of the famous Baul devotee 'Lalon Shah'.

Renovation work of the house started in 2019 and is nearing its completion. On July 22, 2020, Mr. Md. Mahbub Hossain, The Secretary, Secondary and Higher Education Division, Ministry of Education, The Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and The Hon'ble Chairman, Board of Governors of the College, inaugurated the renovation work of the House. Brigadier General Kazi Shamim Farhad, a former student of the House and the College, and Principal of the College, is in overall charge of the renovation work. It is hoped that the renovation work of the House will be completed by September 2021 and the House will resume its activities in a new form.


The spacious infrastructure of the two-storied Lalon Shah House, which stretches east and west and is surrounded by nature, is modern, attractive and alluring. Located near Academic Building-1 and the Principal’s residence, the house has 31 rooms for students. These rooms can accommodate 120 students. The students of class IX to XII stay in this house as their own home in a very pleasant and learning friendly environment.In addition to the student’s accommodation rooms, the house has office rooms, a mosque, a common room, a dining hall, a kitchen, a store and a staff room. The house has a House Master and a House Tutor to supervise the students. Besides, there are 10 employees for their cooperation. They are relentlessly performing their duties to the House all the time.

The House has a 10-member Prefectural Board to develop leadership qualities, discipline, culture, patriotism, honesty and other necessary virtues among the students. Just as there is heartiness in every student of this house, there is a close relationship between the students and the teachers, officials and employees. Apart from achieving significant success in every examination of the college, most of the students of this house also achieve GPA-5 in the board examinations.

The spontaneous participation and success of the students of Lalon Shah House in extra-curricular activities as well as studies is enviable. It became a house champion in Inter-house Obstacle Crossing Competition and Inter-house Volleyball Competition and a house runner-up in Inter-house Cricket Competition. Apart from this, the house also became the champion in the Inter-house Wall Magazine Competition organized on the occasion of the celebration of Mujib Year.


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