Social Service Club

DRMC Social Service Club


DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB is one of the remarkable clubs of Dhaka Residential Model College. It is a club dedicated to serve the needy and distressed section of the society. In our society, a considerable number of people live below the poverty line and lead an underprivileged life. The club aims to build productive students and inculcate moral and ethical values in them through proper socialisation. The aim of the club is to teach the students the importance of helping the needy and to promote social work for the overall welfare of all people.


Club Coordinator and Moderators:

The club is managed by a trusted executive committee headed by the Chief Club Coordinator, Mohammad Nurun Nabi, Associate Professor and the Moderator, MD. Khairuzzaman, Lecturer, and Assistant Moderators Jahangir Alam, Lecturer, and Maidul Haque, Lecturer.



The motto of the club is to serve humanity and make a difference in the lives of the needy and suffering people. The club aims to create awareness among students about social issues, raise funds for welfare projects and provide a platform for students to engage in social welfare activities. By participating in these activities, students develop sympathy, compassion and the urge to make a positive contribution to society.



The club organises seminars on social issues, collects donations from various organisations and individuals, and supports welfare projects. During the ongoing pandemic, the club organised online seminars to help students maintain good mental health. The club also organised events to show respect for health workers and to raise awareness about the importance of cleanliness and dengue prevention. In addition, the club distributed winter clothes to the underprivileged, provided assistance to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, distributed iftar kits during Ramadan, and donated raincoats to rickshaw pullers.


Social Work:

DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB is actively involved in social work to improve the lives of the needy and underprivileged in society. The club organises various initiatives such as distributing winter clothes, providing assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, distributing Iftar kits during Ramadan and donating raincoats to rickshaw pullers.


National Festival:

The club participated in the Virtual National Mega Festival 2021 organised to celebrate the 61st anniversary of DRMC. The festival included various programmes and activities organised by all the clubs of DRMC.



DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB plays a vital role in serving humanity and inculcating a sense of social responsibility among the students. The club's activities and initiatives are aimed at improving the lives of the needy and underprivileged and promoting social welfare. With a dedicated executive committee and the support of students and faculty, the club continues to make a positive impact on society.