Social Service Club


DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB is one of the noteworthy clubs of Dhaka Residential Model College. This is a club dedicated to serve the distressed and afflicted section of society. A considerable section of people in our society are living below the poverty line and leading an underprivileged life. We as the concerning members of the society have some duties to them. This club endeavours heart and soul to build up the students, the future generation of the country in a productive way and also raise moral and ethical values in them by ensuring proper socialization. It is necessary to teach students the importance of helping these distressed people and other socially accepted values. It is necessary to nurture the sense of social work for the overall welfare for every section of people. Harbouring  this notion in mind, DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB has been established to socialize the students infusing humanity and fellow feeling for all people and ensuring unitary  cooperation in multifarious social activities which will create an urge to help these distressed people from heart and ensure upliftment of moral and human values and etiquettes.

Our motto:
DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB is a dedicated club to serve the humanity. In our way of life, we often find people very helpless. We feel upset on their laments and outpourings of hues and cries. They really suffer a lot for the lacking of basic necessities of life. They are so unfortunate. The conditions of people living in slums, shirts and other short tents are so pathetic. They need a helping hand to make their lives better. Students are the future generations of our country. We strongly believe that it is extremely necessary (as a social being) to extend a helping hand to these distressed and afflicted people. We also strongly believe that one person can make a difference and everyone should try.

We arrange seminars on different social issues, collect donations from different organizations and individuals to promote and support our welfare works and we endeavour to create a direct platform for students to be engaged in various social welfare activities and it helps to make them realise the actual sufferings of life. It infuses sympathy, compassion for these helpless people and an urge to do something good for them. Our motive is to prepare our tomorrow with the knowledge of proper socialization, love and the urge to change people's fate by doing good for them.


We humans are social beings. Our hearts are made to share love and fellow feelings for others in the society. Heart cannot feel contentment and gets engulfed with black strains of grievance when it fails to render love and cooperation to others. To live with peace and harmony in society, we have to cooperate with each other in our lives. Sorrows and pains are to be shared and unitedly solved. There are people in our society who are distressed and depressed. They don't have food to eat, shelter to live. In a nutshell, they are deprived of everything. As a social being we all have some duties towards these distressed and afflicted people. We have a duty to extend our hand of cooperation to them. And this benevolent act has to be practiced since the initiation of student life.

So, with the view to making students conversant with the distressful conditions of the people of our society, to elevate their moral and civic sense and to involve them in social welfare works our honourable principal Sir, Brigadier General Kazi Shamim Farhad (NDC, PSC) initiated to inaugurate this club in 2019. Since its inception DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB has been extending their cooperation with various welfare projects. Under the direct supervision of our Honourable  Principal  Sir , well coordinated direction of honourable club chief coordinator NURUNNABI Sir, respected club moderator MD. KHAIRUZZAMAN Sir ( Lecturer in English), respected assistant moderators JAHANGIR ALAM( Lecturer in Islamic Studies) Sir and MAIDUL HAQUE( Lecturer in Bangla ) Sir dedicated supervisions and assessment to the affairs of all projects, a group of dedicated senior students along with a some countrywide voluntary student workers from different institutions are successfully running this club.

Executive panel:

DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB has a group of dedicated and enthusiastic group of senior students who are selectively chosen by the club related mentors and directly supervised by the honourable authority to execute the welfare activities to the field level in a well coordinated way on the behalf of DRMC family.

Executive members:

1. President : Shakil Ahmed Turag.
2. Vice President (Morning) : Mahdi Zadian.
3. Vice President (Day) : Nushin Eshraq Nipun.
4. General Secretary : Md. Mahmudul Hasan Ratul.
5. Treasurer: Tanvir Ahmmed Rifat.
6. Organising Secretary : Hasib Al Dhrubo.
7. Joint Secretary : Maruf Hossain Pranto.
8. Photography Secretary : Syed Siam Muntasir.
9. Office Secretary : Ishraful Haque Ishrak.
10. Assistant Office Secretary : Ahanaf Tahmid Arno.
11. External Affairs Executive : Eram khan.
12. Students Welfare Executive : Md. Sabbir Ahmed.

DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB since its inception has been arranging multifarious welfare activities to uplift the sense of duty to society. And the spontaneous support and vigorous participation of the students and other important members of the institution has given a new momentum to the events.

Winter clothes distribution:
Perhaps winter is a season of hovering around the beautiful freezy mornings bundling ourselves up in warm clothes. But not every person in our society are lucky enough to enjoy the amazing features of a winter morning. Especially in Dhaka city we often find people suffering from the cold in the streets, slums and other related places. The sufferings of children and the old people are beyond our imagination. We feel so disheartened to find them suppressed in fog and mist.
To save these people from the freezing cold effect, in 2020 we appeared to them with our warmth of a soft corner and wrapped them up in warm clothes. We roamed about different slums in the streets of Dhaka, at midnight we tried hard and soul to find repressed people in the streets, footpaths and other spots. We continued our programme for 2 weeks and donated to a good section of distressed people.

Assistance during Covid-19 pandemic:

Covid-19 has just ravaged the world economy. In the initiation stage the economic condition of people was getting significantly downtrodden. The tension of feeding the family and running expenses hung in the air. The black strains of covid-19 also aggrieved the people of our country. The economic condition of the people specially (middle and lower income) was drastically getting smeared in sludge. The financial activities almost became standstill. The condition of poor families was beyond imagination. There was hunger, poverty and tension hung in the air.

During this pandemic, Old Remain Welfare Association (ORWA) in association and collaboration with DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB donated different daily necessities like ( rice grain, lentil grain, oil, salt, soap, potato, onion etc) to almost 1000 people. We tried to the highest level of repressed and afflicted people of covid-19 economic crash and successfully tried to bring a smile to their face.

Other activities during the ongoing pandemic:

Due to the zombie apocalypse coronavirus , to prevent community transmission the country has kept the educational institution closed since march 2019. During this time the students were suffocated in uncertainty and tension. It affected their mental health in the worst way. So to help the students maintain a sound mental health DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB arranged multifarious online seminars and other programmes.

DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB arranged an online seminar by inviting some reputed professional doctors to the seminar where the honourable doctors suggested the students and their parents about do’s and don’ts during the ongoing pandemic and also to help keep their mental health sound.

During this pandemic healthcare soldiers and soldiers in the field (police, army and other relevants) directly supported the people and worked hard to prevent community transmission and ensure better health for all taking risks of their life. It is important to realise students for their valiant contribution. So to show respect to their works DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB arranged an online event naming " Shongkote Shongramme " where the students had to make a ‘2 minutes film’ depicting the struggles and showing homage to the valiant workers.

Iftar distribution in Ramadan:

Ramadan is a holy month. This is the month of charity, fellow feelings and compassion. And iftar is perhaps the most awaiting period for us as we are served with delicious and appetizing food at home. We also find restaurants selling lavishing and nutritious foods. But all in our society are not lucky enough to satisfy their hunger of saum with delicious foods. The poor people struggle a lot with their inner feelings of being failed to have those food stuffs. Due to performing the tiring saum sometimes as they don't get sufficient food they fall ill. Really the scenario is pathetic and grim.

So to earn the blessing of God and to bring happiness in their faces DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB distributed iftar almost 200 packets of food. The poor people were scrutinized and maintained proper social distance food packets were given in the second gate along with our club coordinator, club moderator teachers and EC members and our honourable Principal Sir was present. Really we could see their happy faces and hearts felt inner containment.

Raincoat distribution programme:

Rainy season is a season of enjoying rain. It rains all day long, sometimes it drizzles. We sit by a window and while sipping a coffee get romantic with the falling sound of droplets of rain. But the picture is grim again. The helpless people are always helpless.

They have needs, they can’t enjoy life in whims and caprices like us. So by defying heavy downpour and all olds specially the rickshaw pullers paddle their rickshaw to meet their both ends meet. They don't have sufficient money to buy a raincoat for them. They often fall ill.

So to save the rickshaw pullers of Dhaka city from the undaunted sufferings of rain we went to them with the warmth of love. We donated some raincoats to these helpless rickshaw pullers. We collected donations and allowings from inner sources and tried our level best to help humanity.

Our programme with CAPTAIN EARTH BE THE CHANGE :

Mental health has to be kept sound. Students are the future generations of the country. It is necessary to let their soft skills grow and make them infused with moral and ethics and also to make them respectful to the members of our society.

So DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB in collaboration with CAPTAIN EARTH be the change worked on this project of ensuring sound mental health. We also arranged a Facebook live session with them.

Clean and tidiness survey:

Currently along with covid-19 the prevalence of dengue has become a major concern for us. It is necessary to keep our nearby places clean to stop the breeding of Aedes mosquito (Dengue causal organism). So DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB initiated to run a 5 day long Dengue surveillance awareness cleaning programme to promote the importance of keeping surroundings clean. The event was inaugurated by our honourable principal Brigadier Kazi Shamim Farhad(NDC, PSC) sir. Our honourable club moderator and club co-moderator sirs were present in the session. DRMC BNCC CLUB also collaborated with us to move the motion.


Our programmes on Virtual National Mega Festival 2021:

On the inception of successive 61 years of DRMC, a virtual national mega festival was arranged. All the clubs of DRMC arranged multifarious programmes. Keeping persistency with the clubs DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB was arranged a festival named" DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE ONLINE FESTA-2021." There were mainly 2 competitions named " Alor Dishari" and "Amar Vhabnai Amar Desh".
The great souls among the students who always responded to the hues and cries of helpless people and stand apart with them and also the organizations who gave monetary assistance to these afflicted people, their mesmerizing social works were promoted in the programme " Alor Dishari" and we strongly believe that it has encouraged the future generations of our country to work and make life better of these distressful helpless people.

During the ongoing pandemic on promoting the ways to work for the betterment of country and country people, the club arranged the festival " Amar  vhabnai amar desh" where more than 200 students from different institutions across the country participated with enthusiasm.

Moreover the club arranged a seminar on the issue of maintaining sound physical and mental health. We invited an old remain and a top class prestigious renowned psychiatrist in Bangladesh Dr. Abdun Noor Tushar. Moreover as special guests there were present the medical officer of DRMC Md. Shafiqul Islam and Tasnima Farha. The special psychologist of a DRMC Hajera Khatun was also present in the seminar. The way students can maintain a sound mental and sound physical health during the ongoing pandemic and do's and don'ts were discussed and students and their parent spontaneously participated in the programme.

On Virtual National Mega Festival-2021's prize giving ceremony programme , the honourable education minister of the people's republic of Bangladesh Dr. Dipu Moni was present as a chief guest. In the programme she talked about the importance of flourishing soft skills of the students along with academic qualification. She also appreciated the activities of DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB highly in the programme. She also gave the necessary suggestion of expanding the welfare activities of the club for the overall upliftment.

Virtual Carnival Promoting World Nature Conservation Day:

Nature is an immense blessing for human being. Nature has bestowed us with sustenance and due to some inhuman instincts of our nature is almost on the verge of death. It has become a world concern to conserve the flora and faunas of nature for a better tomorrow.

So to promote awareness of conserving nature and it to keep up it's vigority persistant an online tree plantation programme was initiated by DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB. Our honorable principal sir, club coordinator sir, club moderator sir and assistant moderator sirs also participated in the programme to encourage the students by planting a tree in a vacant place inside our campus. The enthusiastic individuals spontaneously participated in the feasta. Their photos are officially celebrated in the pages of our club and Report to the principal DRMC.

A Cordial request of your kind collaboration with the club:

DRMC SOCIAL SERVICE CLUB is always trying to help the distressed and afflicted people of the society. We always try to extend our hand of cooperation to the people who are suppressed in their way of life and depressed by their failure to attain a comfortable life. We arrange seminars, aware people and give financial assistance to individuals to make their life better. We earn money, spend for our own upliftment, that's not life. We go out, seek for people who need our assistance and the day we realize that for our help a person didn't give up, that's the day we actually lead a true life. And our club is trying hard and soul to realize the ethical sense of morality to students by extending the cooperating hand to helpless people of our society. For this we need a good amount of financial grant from organizations and respective individuals.
So we humbly urge upon every section of people of our society to merge a hand of cooperation to us by donating as much as you can. We strongly pledge to you that your contribution will definitely reach the people who need it the most and we are committed to that. In sha Allah.

Lastly, we would like to say that we all want to live in society with peace and harmony. Happiness and Mutual respect can be earned by mutually cooperating with each other. We often find people in very stressful conditions in their life. Some don't have food to eat, some don't have shelter and more with multifarious problems. Really it is very pathetic to find them tense and sad. But we all humans resemble a unitary body. When one organ is affected, the whole body should respond to the wailing. That is the true realm of life. Similarly, it is necessary to be with them if you need our assistance. It's not about how much we did for them, it's about how much affection we have put into the action. So, people from every section of society should give a hand to remove sorrows and sufferings. We need Bangladesh to be free from poverty and ensure a better place to live for everyone.


Our Contact Details:
Mobile: 01722-782155
Club Moderator
Md. Khairuzzaman
Lecturer in English
Dhaka Residential Model College