DRMC Islamic Cultural Club

The DRMC Islamic Cultural Club


Dhaka Residential Model College (DRMC) is a renowned institution of education, founded in 1960 in Mohammadpur, Dhaka. The college is renowned for its exceptional academic programmes and for its significant emphasis on Islamic knowledge and culture. However, despite having a range of clubs for different disciplines, there was no specific club dedicated to organizing events celebrating Islamic customs and traditions. To address this issue, the DRMC Islamic Cultural Club was established on 6 May 2021.

Chief Coordinator and Moderator

The club is managed by a reliable executive committee, led by The Chief Club Coordinator, Mohammad Nurun Nabi, Associate Professor and the Moderator, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Mamun, Lecturer.


The primary objective of DRMC Islamic Cultural Club is to liberate students from the influences of militancy and drugs while spreading the correct history, traditions, culture, education and message of Islam. The club is also committed to creating a platform for students to rise above misconceptions and establish an atmosphere of truth and peace in Islam.


The club has organized various events and programmes, including:

·        "DRMC National Islamic Cultural Festival 2021"

·        "Composition and Qirat Competition 2021" on the occasion of Eid Miladunnabi

·        "Ramadan Calendar Distribution Program 2022" on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan

·        "DRMC Islamic Cultural Club Organised Iftar Distribution Program 2022"

·        "Ramadan Daily Dua and Hadith Series 2022"

·        "Online Islamic Quiz 2022"

The club provides one online poster each week to help students learn about Islam and Islamic culture. Members of the club come together for an hour twice a month to conduct club activities. Additionally, the club organizes one workshop every six months and a Quran education programme for college students during Ramadan.

National Festival

To celebrate 61 years of Dhaka Residential Model College, the club organized a "Virtual National Mega Festival." The event included live quizzes, movie projections, Nasheed, Qirat and performances by the Islamic Band 'Kolorob' and 'Truth of Ummah.' More than 4,000 students from various parts of the country participated in the festival, which was held online.


DRMC Islamic Cultural Club is a newly established club at Dhaka Residential Model College that is committed to honouring the rich history and culture of Islam. The club provides a platform for students to showcase their skills in various Islamic activities while learning about Islamic knowledge and culture. The club aims to spread positivity and moral values among all peace-loving people while promoting peace and harmony.