DRMC Scout Unit

Dhaka Residential Model College Scout Unit


1. Club Name: Dhaka Residential Model College Scout Unit


2. Club History: Scout is an international movement founded by Robert Baden-Powell in 1907 and has been gradually preached to Bangladesh in the year 1974 after the independence, but DRMC Scout Unit has existed from the very beginning of the establishment of the school since 1960 and is one of the very first clubs of the institution.


3. Club Purpose: Our vision is to develop every child as an ideal citizen of Bangladesh through leadership training, personal fitness and character development.


4. Club Goals:


A. Our activities allow our members to develop a self-reliant personality and inspire them to participate in activities that further develop this.


B. Social work and social welfare activities will be initiated by the club to increase a sense of social consciousness and thus let the members develop a sense of duty towards society and patriotism towards the nation.


C. The club plans to hold weekly classes for the members and the enrolled scouts. The classes will teach pupils the basics of scout rules and regulations, social service lessons and basics of surviving in adversities. All these prepare the enrolled scouts to become skilled not only as scouts but also as citizens, further allowing them to show their social prowess.


D. The club also aims to provide the enrolled scouts an in-depth knowledge about first aid enabling them to serve the sick and wounded and play a valuable role in building up a compassion towards other human beings.


5. Club Committee Structure:


Committee Structure:

Unit Leader: 1

Senior Patrol Leader. 1

Patrol Leader: 3

Assistant Patrol Leader: 3


Recruitment Process:


Unit Leader Recruitment:

Recruited and assigned by The Principal.


Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), Patrol Leader (PL) and Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) recruitment:

Recruited under the supervision of the Unit Leader and the suggestion of the previous Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)then, finally appointed by the principal.


General member recruitment:

With the assistance of the executive panel members, the Unit Leader selects eligible candidates through their submitted forms which are finally affirmed by the principal.


6. Club Activity:


A. Weekly meetings

B. Weekly class.

C. Camps.

D. Training sessions


7. Activity Programme:


A. Weekly:


i. An hour and a half long class will be held for each shift (preferably Thursday) to educate the scouts in scout regulations, scouting expertise, life-oriented lessons and social service, cultural and environmental education, hands-on knowledge of technology and camp training.


ii. One patrol meeting will be held at the patrol leader's convenience for physical training and parade.


B. Monthly:

Overnight demonstration camps for teaching the required skills and practical knowledge for camporees inside the school campus.


C. Biannual: Camporees, according to the national announcements, will be joined by the selected unit.